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HRT (hormone replacement therapy)

My experience of HRT, the menopausal magnet and herbal HRT

I started taking HRT at the first sign of a hot flush when I was 48, which was the year that I got married for the second time. The reason for this is that I wanted to be in perfect health for my new husband and also my mother had experienced problems with hair loss as soon as she hit the menopause and I was terrified that this might happen to me.I was initially prescribed the oestrogen/progesterone course of tablets and found that whilst taking the oestrogen tablet I felt really well, but within a couple of days of taking the progesterone tablet I developed awful mood swings ranging from anxiety to extreme irritability, which my husband found very hard to understand.Eventually I went back to my doctor and he prescribed oestrogen only tablets, which suited me very well for several years. Apparently oestrogen only tablets can only be prescribed towards the latter part of the menopause, as the progesterone combination helps to prevent cancer of the womb. Then one day when I went to the doctors to renew my prescription, the doctor refused to prescribe anymore, as he said that I had been taking HRT for 8 years, when really 5 years is the maximum time that is recommended to take it.I tried pleading with him to prescribe them for a bit longer, as I told him that as a customer service manager for a company, I couldn't afford to fall apart either mentally or physically, but to no avail! I even marked a big ring on the wall calendar in the office to let everyone know the date of my last HRT tablet and that I wouldn't be liable for my actions after that date.In the meantime, before the dreaded date arrived, I found out about two remedies. One was the Ladycare menopausal magnet, which is a small magnet held in place by your underwear next to your skin.Then I also discovered herbal HRT. This is a combination of all the recommended herbal remedies in one daily capsule.The good news is that I have now been off HRT for over a year and feel marvellous! Full of energy, no hair loss or mood swings. In fact no symptoms at all!! I can't say which remedy is the most effective as I take them both for good measure!

I am also a firm believer in exercise and I go to a Pilates class and also a very energetic aerobic class with my 30 year old daughter. At 57, I am probably the oldest person in the class, but I manage to keep up!

I hope my experience gives hope to other people.

Jill, Banbury, UK