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New to this forum - worsening symptoms

pavster398, 24th Jan 2017
Hi all, I am new to this and thought I would reach out. I am a stroke survivor. I had my stroke 5 years ago post pregnancy a...
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My second Christmas post-stroke

rudyardkitling, 25th Dec 2016
Hello, I'm Matt, I had a left middle cerebral artery (MCA) (right-sided) stroke roughly 19th months ago following a aortic val...
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I am new here

sophiewalker96, 7th Dec 2016
Hi I'm Sophie and i am 20 years old, I suffered a stroke in September and just getting back on track and trying to get my normal...
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How to behave with a stroke patient...?

JoDifferentStrokes, 2nd Nov 2016
Hello, we're sorry to hear that things are difficult. Anger is a very common emotion after stroke. Your husband's stroke is a...
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Learning a language improves cognitive brain capacity...

Differentstroke, 20th Nov 2015
It’s never too late to take action to maximize the cognitive capacity of your brain, here's why learning another language migh...
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