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I am eczema free now

Eczema gone, 25th May 2017
I had eczema and I am cured of it & have been eczema free for 5 years now. I had moved to a city which has extreme climate,...
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Your best eczema remedies? What causes your flare ups?

meganames, 17th May 2017
Hi! New here. I'm 22 and only had eczema since I was 15, wore fake tan daily for about 2 years then suddenly I had severe eczema...
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Allergist/Immunologist or Dermatologist?

Lottie86, 9th May 2017
Hi everyone, This is my first post and I am just wanting some advice. I am 30 and have suffered with eczema my whole life, I h...
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Looking for a glass blower

PsoriasisLife, 3rd May 2017
Hello All, A bit of a strange request… I am looking to get in touch with a glass blower who suffers from psoriasis. If you are...
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Eczema and military service

concernedincanada, 23rd Apr 2017
Ey. I don't know what category the contents of this post would fit under so I'm just going to drop it here. So, I'm 19 years o...
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