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Help identify what's on my face :(

Thankyou, 13th Sep 2018
Could someone help me identify what kind of "acne" this could be? Could it be Folliculitis, KP, or just hard sebum? No...
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Struggling big time with skin and mental health

Thatgirl2012, 26th Aug 2018
My acne is on and off awful. My skin will look great one day and the next day awful because I cannot stop picking. Even if there...
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Dermatologist Appointment

SweetCheeks79, 22nd Jul 2018
Hi all, found this forum through the nhs choices website. I am 39 & have suffered with acne since I was 12. Tried numerous l...
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Difference between Psoriasis and Eczema

Latrice Sang, 21st Jun 2018
How would you determine if it is psoriasis or eczema? I just know that both are very itchy.
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Acne With Botox

herrybraun, 7th Jun 2018
Can I treat acne with botox? I am struggling model and a few acne dots on my face. I acquire botox once yet for facelift but not...
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