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jhootnabo, 23rd Sep 2017
Say that this is the best remedy to rely upon as the actual outcomes are guaranteed. It fulfilled my dream of having bigger and ...
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Does sweat do any actual damage?

sblake31, 22nd Sep 2017
Hi, I just have a general question for anyone that has knowledge on sweat and eczema. Does sweat do any actual damage to the ski...
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Dancer with Eczema.

dancer1234, 13th Sep 2017
Hi, I am a 18 year old female who has suffered from eczema since a child. Ilived in New Zealand for 8 years and have never had a...
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Lip eczema

emilie1991, 7th Sep 2017
Hey everyone! Hope you're all good. This is my first post - thought it'd be a good idea to exchange with some of you who have ...
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hlbar210, 6th Sep 2017
Ok, I feel like an eczema forum is the only place I can post this without sounding like a potiental criminal. From having severe...
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