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Eczema Disaster

KOK CHAI KOOI, 19th Mar 2017
Hi, I am a photographer and also a victim for eczema. Last year, I were attacked by various eczema included nummular eczema, seb...
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Perhaps I can sell you on something? Cold showers.

tom20m1992, 16th Mar 2017
Hi,folks. I began taking cold showers in 2014. And after 2/3 weeks of holding the affected areas under the cold spray for four...
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Heat and eczema

beckywebster3, 7th Mar 2017
Hi guys, I'm currently 22 and in my final year of uni. I've got my grad ball coming up so have spent a lot of money on the tic...
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missnaylr, 23rd Feb 2017
I've finally, after 20 years, been given a referral to the dermatologist. However, the first stage of this is to go to a Telede...
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Finally some relief from eczema?

fitzwfitz, 19th Feb 2017
Hello All, I have had eczema virtually all my life, trying all of the creams / medications available that the dermatologist wan...
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