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What are the main causes of acne?

RachelThorpe, 11th Dec 2018
My acne on face almost looks like rashes mainly on my forehead and few on cheek. Now I am worried what actual reason behind it. ...
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Could acne be caused by poor microcirculation?

The Best Ever, 6th Dec 2018
Hey guys, I have acne and looking for some possible solutions to clear my skin. I'm reading about the different causes of why c...
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Does this psoriasis

son.goku, 6th Dec 2018
31 years old. healthy. no drugs (maybe adhd pills when I need to study) nor history of illnesses for couple of days I have a ver...
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teen acne--meds--trentenoin

cc488kel, 25th Nov 2018
I'm just disgusted. Have been seeing a derm for a year now and was given antibiotics then changed 4 months ago. Doxycycline is...
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I am losing faith

ConcernedMum, 10th Nov 2018
Hello! I write because I am losing faith in “acne treatments” and am rapidly being left with a daughter that is truly brill...
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