I need some help/advice

hevsta4444, 23rd May 2014
Hi, wondering if anyone can help me. For about 18 months I have found myself day dreaming, being confused and disorientated. In ...
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Triggers, dehydration?

janewill, 23rd May 2014
I have JME and I know my main triggers are tiredness, too much alcohol and stress. Can dehydration be a trigger? I had wondered ...
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Coming off the pills

justdiagnosed, 22nd May 2014
I have been on lamotrigine for 6 months, and my seizures are now under control - do I now stay on the drugs and/or what point wi...
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justdiagnosed, 22nd May 2014
Hi - I have recently been diagnosed with mild epilepsy - ie I don't lose consciousness, I have suffered since I child but it was...
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Caffeine addiction and epilepsy

blackalaro, 22nd May 2014
Hi I'm a sufferer of absence seizures but not currently on medication. However during this time I found that caffeine prevents ...
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