This year’s show will take place at Olympia, London from 6-8 May 2011.  It is the UK’s largest annual gathering of people suffering/living with allergies, skin conditions such as eczema, migraines, coeliac disease, hay fever, asthma, food intolerances and chemical sensitivities.  It is where you will be able to discover solutions and take control of your condition/s.

Here is a sample list of what you can expect:

Public visitors

  • thousands of products including free-from foods, water softeners, cleaning products and air purifiers available to purchase
  • a host of cookery classes to inspire the hidden chef inside of you
  • live demonstrations offering you ideas to help deal with every allergies and intolerances
  • expert free-to-attend seminars offering you access to the UK’s leading experts  such as consultant allergists, dermatologists, dietician and respiratory specialists
  • free to attend workshops designed to give parents the key tools they need to carry out daily challenges

Professional visitors

  • food and drink trade workshop:  designed for the professionals of the food and beverages industry
  • allergy CPD master classes: designed for health professionals and will feature the country’s leading specialists in food, respiratory and dermatological allergies

Public seminars

These  free to attend seminars  offer access to leading allergy experts as well as dieticians, allergists, respiratory specialists, dermatologists and gastroenterologists.

Parent workshops

These free-to-attend workshops will take place on 7 & 8 May.

  • On Saturday 7 May, Asthma UK will hold workshops which will focus on how to manage the everyday challenges/issues within the life of an asthma sufferer.  Experts will also be available to offer advice/tips.
  • On Sunday 8 May, Action Against Allergy (AAA) will hold a workshop for parents with children who suffer from allergic reactions.  Experts will also be available to offer advice/tips.

CPD master classes for health professionals

  • On Friday 6 May there will be free-to-attend classes on food and dermatology & respiratory:  not to be missed by GPs, nurses, pharmacists, healthcare visitors, paediatricians, dieticians, dermatologists and respiratory specialists.
  • Trade training workshop.
  • On Friday 6 May a free-to-attend workshop for professionals working in the food & beverage industry: how to manage the challenge of food allergies.


Full directions to Olympia 2, Hammersmith Road, London W14 8UX can be found here.

Opening times:

Friday 6 May:          10am-5.00pm

Saturday 7 May:      10.00-5.00pm

Sunday 8 May:        10.00-5.00pm

For information about tickets and to register to attend the show, please follow this link



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