Patient support charity Action Against Allergy has teamed up with NHS Choices and talkhealth to present an online forum for parents of children with food allergy and intolerance. Clinical experts in paediatric allergy from King’s College London Allergy Academy will be on call to advise you what to do if some of the common foods given to your child trigger a reaction, mild or severe.

If you’re already a member of any of the talkhealth sites you will automatically have access to the Forum for Parents of Allergic Children when it goes live. If you are not yet a member you can register to become a talkallergy member now.

In the meantime, here is the key date you’ll need to note …

18 – 25 February 2011 – you can post the questions that you would like our panel of experts to comment on and enter into discussions with the experts throughout the week.

We very much welcome and look forward to your contribution for all to benefit from, as we believe this will be a lively and informative event with a high participation.



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