The symptoms of allergy and allergy-related illness come in many different forms, from a mild irritant to a severely debilitating chronic condition. About one in three of us suffers allergy for all or part of our life and although there are some common denominators it is a personal condition, different for everyone.

Allergies may be triggered by a wide number of causes, for instance through a reaction to food or food additives, to pollutants in the air either outside or within the home, to chemicals or electricity or in the many everyday items that we use. Although true food allergy affects a very tiny proportion of us, food intolerance is widely experienced and can cause considerable suffering.

Asthma and hayfever, eczema, M.E./chronic fatigue syndrome, candida albicans and irritable bowel syndrome are among the conditions now known to be endured by allergic people (although the illness may not be caused by allergens). Some reactions may be life–threatening:  to peanuts or bee stings for example, leading to anaphylaxis and anyone at risk should have an EpiPen with them at all times.

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