27 May 2011


A large proportion of asthma sufferers are affected by house dust mites. It is, therefore, important to concentrate on reducing, as far as possible, contact with dust mites.

One main area where dust mites are plentiful is in the bedroom. We spend somewhere in the region of 1/3 of our lives in bed and this is where the skin we shed provides a staple food supply for the dust mite.

The effects of house dust mites can be reduced in several ways. Beds and bedding are a haven for dust mites. Mattresses and pillows should be encased with microporous covers. These are designed to stop the droppings from getting through but allow air and moisture through. Mattresses and pillows can also be covered in plastic casings – a much cheaper option. But, these can be uncomfortable and can be hot too. Alternatively it is possible to buy non-allergenic pillows and duvets that have been specially treated …

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