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Balneum Cream Survey – we are looking for 200 UK psoriasis and / or eczema sufferers to trial Balneum Cream by Almirall.  You will be provided with a 500g pump dispenser and an online diary that we ask you to submit weekly for a month’s period recording any changes in your condition. Click here for further details.

Water Softener Trial – we are looking for 50 people with eczema, resident in the UK, to trial a water softener to see if their eczema improves.  Kinetico, the leading filtered water specialist will come and install for free, for 3 months, a water softener for your whole house in return for you providing monthly progress reports on your condition…. click here for more details.




Hi - I am Deborah, and was the founding director of talkhealth My blog is generally focused around my own personal story about weight loss, running, exercise and generally trying to get and stay fit, as well as what's been in the news that's topical. Any views expressed are my own.

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