There are a lot of ways to help yourself get rid of acne overnight.  The best place to start would be with natural products.  A great way of how to get rid of acne fast is to apply an egg white mask.  All you have to do is break an egg into a bowl (just the white) and mix it with a fork until it is frothy – then, take the white and spread it over your face and leave it to dry for 10 minutes – rinse off afterwards and you should have reduced spots already.

There has been a lot of debate as to the effectiveness of this solution.  However – I have literally been using this method everyday of my life for the past three years, and each day I see an obvious improvement in my skin.  While it’s not going to clear any cystic acne any time soon, it’s still a great way to keep your skin look fresh and soft.  It’s ideal when it comes to calming down those aggressive spots that can pop up at the most inappropriate
of moments!  Use this, everyday – it works well.

The next natural product you should use, is water.  You can use water in two ways to help your skin; by drinking it, and by splashing it on your face.  Let’s start with drinking it. When you drink water, your body becomes more urged to remove toxins, as in, when we go to the toilet!  Drinking plenty of water helps you to pass these harmful toxins that cause acne, out of our body.  You shouldn’t drink too much water, so perhaps try just drinking a
couple litres per day.  As for splashing it on your face; you want cold water – but not too cold, as that can be harmful.  Splashing cold water on your face is great after you have been washing your face.  The reason for this, is because after you wash your face, your pores are left open, and will gladly accommodate any bad bacteria that may come in contact with them.  Splashing cold water on your face closes these pores and stops any bacteria from getting inside them!  Don’t over do this though, only do it a couple times a day after you have washed/showered.

The next ‘natural’ product we are going to talk about, is sleep.  Yes, that’s right, sleep.  If you are missing out on your sleep, then chances are you are missing out on many opportunities to help your skin get better.  When we sleep, our body starts to heal itself.  And this healing includes the likes of your skin too.  In order for optimal amounts of healing to take place, then you should look to get around 7-10 of sleep every night – so you are definitely going to have to cut out those late nights and early morning regimes that you have got going if you are going to see an improvement in your skin – trust me, it’s going to make a lot of difference.

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