At this time of lower humidity, with less water carried in the air, cold and often windy days add new challenges to your skin.

All heating creates a dry air environment – with central heating at home being the main culprit, alongside other heating at the office, in the car or on public transport. Your skin is sensitive to seasonal changes and will become drier, requiring ever more moisture to stay soft and healthy.

To solve this, seek out richer products, look for a natural plant oil base (which doesn’t clog pores) and to hold moisture. Any ingredients with good humectant properties will draw moisture into your skin. AVOID avoid Ethyl Alcohol as this is extra-drying, and steer clear of Petrochemicals, artificial Fragrances and Colours, because they will further sensitise skin that is already stressed by the cold.

3 easy tips for Autumn

1 – Avoid very hot baths however tempting it might be to jump into a scalding hot bath after a long cold day, the intense heat of a hot shower or bath actually breaks down the lipid barriers in the skin, which can lead to a loss of moisture.Keep clear of bathing products that contain synthetic chemicals and artificial fragrances

2 – Stay hydrated! continue to drink lots of water and minimise dehydration by avoiding too much alcohol and/or caffeine.

3 – Scrub up – keep up with the exfoliation routines. By getting rid of dead skin cells you provide a better surface for moisturiser to be absorbed.

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