Rosacea is sometimes referred to as ‘adult acne’. Your face becomes flushed and red due to dilation of the small blood vessels close to the skin surface.
It is often accompanied with severe dryness and irritation around the chin, cheeks, nose and forehead.

You might also experience red spots and pustules which are dome-shaped rather than pointed (there are generally no blackheads, whiteheads or lumps).

If you suffer from rosacea your skin is likely to react to changes in temperature and ingredients such as fragrances, alcohol (ethanol/ethyl alcohol) and fruit acids used in skin care products.

You may also have problems with your digestion and certain foods such as spicy meals, coffee and oranges often trigger the condition. Rosacea can also be triggered by small amounts of alcohol – especially port and spirits.

What to avoid: foods
• Avoid steaming hot soup, coffee, spicy nachos and alcohol. Stay away from ‘hot’ spices such as white and black pepper, paprika, red pepper and cayenne. Some rosacea sufferers have reported a wide variety of foods that trigger flare-ups, examples are cheese, sour cream, yogurt, citrus fruit, liver, chocolate, vanilla, soy sauce, yeast extract, vinegar, aubergines, avocados, spinach, broad-leafed beans and pods, and foods high in histamine or niacin.

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