If you, or a member of your family suffers with psoriasis and you are experiencing joint pain and swelling you may have psoriatic arthritis.

The National Psoriasis Foundation are aiming to make psoriasis sufferers aware of the signs of psoriatic arthritis. Nearly 1 in 4 psoriasis sufferers may have undiagnosed psoriatic  arthritis which can lead to joint destruction and disability.

If you have pain, swelling or stiffness in one or more joints, joints that are red or warm to the touch, frequent joint tenderness or stiffness, sausage like swelling in one or more of the fingers or toes, pain in and around the feet and ankles, changes to the nails, such as pitting or separation from the nail bed or pain in the lower back, above the tailbone you should visit your GP.

For more about psoriatic arthritis or the National Psoriasis Foundation click here



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