Fingers & thumbs

28 Nov 2011

Spent most of the day counting gloves. We sell hundreds and hundreds of pairs of white cotton gloves which we have specially made for with long wrists and comfortable boxed fingers for customers with eczema and dermatitis. A fresh delivery arrived this morning.

Irritant contact dermatitis on the hands and fingers is incredibly common and it can help to put gloves on over emollients at night. This helps the emollient work better and prevents it from staining the bedclothes. Wearing gloves in bed also help to protect the skin from the damage of nighttime scratching and many enterprising parents stitch the gloves onto a long sleeved top for their children so that the gloves can’t be pulled off and scratching becomes a less damaging rub.

During the day wearing cotton gloves can let you play with animals, paints or glues or work with other things that would irritate, or you can you can wear them as a liner under work gloves.

Our White Cotton Gloves come in 6 sizes ranging from tiny age 2 to adult XL which is great for our customers. But when they’re delivered to our warehouse on a pallet they’ve all to be unpacked, counted, sorted and re-packed into 3’s and 6’s. Have you any idea how long it takes to do that to several thousand pairs of White Cotton gloves?!



Hello everybody. I’m Janet, mother of two great (most of the time) boys and founder of, an online and catalogue mail order retailer. We sell things that help with the everyday management of asthma, eczema, chemical sensitivity, rhinitis and food allergies. Not drugs and supplements, but more practical things like anti-allergy pillows, air purifiers and vacuum cleaners, latex-free rubber bands, gloves for eczema, home allergy tests and lots more. I’m not a medical professional, but fifteen years of experience of the allergy market means I know which products can help or even make a significant difference when you’re trying to keep your problem under control and which ones are frankly a waste of money. Follow my blog and perhaps you’ll pick up a tip or two!

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