Crikey, I wasn’t expecting this. The mould spore count in the MouldCheck petri dish showed a level between Poor and Very Poor. Which means that there is an unacceptable amount of mould spores in my Dad’s flat that could be harmful to his health. At 93 I’m taking no chances with his wellbeing and have installed an Airfree P80 air sterilizer to get rid of the mould spores and anything else that I don’t want him breathing in. It takes the Airfree a couple of weeks to clear the air completely and then it will keep it free of airborne bacteria and viruses as well as pollen and allergens. The Airfree is the bestselling air purifier at and I’ve chosen it for my Dad not only because I’ve seen the impressive test results for the Airfree but also because he won’t have to buy expensive replacement filters.

Meanwhile I’ve called in a plumber to try to identify the source of the damp. Fossicking about on my hands and knees under the sink I came across an ancient onion wearing an impressive coat of green mould – so that went straight onto the compost – but the damp smell persists and I think there must be some water trapped in a pipe somewhere.

If you’re interested in the MouldCheck Test or Airfree Air Sterilisers they’re on the AllergyBestBuys website here.



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