Tubifast® Gloves with 2-Way Stretch® Technology, from Mölnlycke Health Care, can be used to manage hand dermatitis, which causes anxiety and discomfort to sufferers.  A report entitled: ‘Skin Conditions In The UK: A Health Care Needs Assessment’ (Schofield, Grindlay & Williams, 2009) states that skin disease, particularly hand dermatitis, causes disability and loss of earning.

The report also outlines how some chronic skin conditions, such as hand eczema, may be associated with unemployment and resultant financial hardship (Finlay and Coles, 1995, Medling et al 2005), while other patients may have prolonged periods when they are unable to work, leading to a financial cost to the state.

This year’s National Eczema Week focused on the issues associated with eczema in the workplace, including contact dermatitis.  Irritant contact dermatitis, due to frequent exposure to irritants like soap and detergents, is common amongst people who work in professions such as nursing, hairdressing and catering (Schofield, Grindlay & Williams, 2009). Besides the painful physical effects of contact dermatitis, the condition can also have a detrimental affect on other aspects of daily life.

Day in day out, people use their hands to communicate with others but the social stigma associated with a visible skin disease can be a great burden to an individual.  It may result in psychosocial problems, including anxiety and low self-esteem.

Tubifast Gloves have been developed for people who suffer from hand eczema and can be worn to protect the skin and ensure an emollient stays in contact with the skin for as long as possible.  Tubifast Gloves come with 2-Way Stretch® Technology, giving them multidirectional stretch, for greater freedom of movement.

Tubifast Gloves come in four sizes, catering for a wide range of hand sizes: Extra Small Child, Child Small, Medium-Large Child/Small Adult and Medium-Large Adult.

For more information on Tubifast Gloves contact Mölnlycke Health Care on 0800 7311 876. Tubifast Gloves are also available for people to buy on this website: www.talkingskin.com.




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