The cold winter months are the time of year when we are all more prone to dry skin thanks to a combination of environmental and lifestyle factors.

Of course your natural skin type will play a part in determining just how dry your skin gets but the chilly UK climate also does its bit to contribute to parched, thirsty skin.

Here are 5 causes of dry winter skin:

  1. Dry air. Although it might feel like it is always raining, on cold days the air can be drier than in the summer.
  2. Low humidity. Heating lowers the natural moisture levels in the air so there is less to hydrate your skin.
  3. Wind. If you spend any amount of time out in the whistling winter wind your skin and lips will likely be left feeling chapped and sore.
  4. Cold. When the temperature drops, moisture levels usually also drop so your skin will struggle to maintain normal hydration.
  5. Hot baths and showers. You might be tempted to warm up by taking a long, relaxing hot bath or shower but beware as very hot water strips skin of its natural moisture.

As well as the environment, there are many other factors that can also influence your skin to become drier, such as using beauty products that contain ethyl alcohol or eating a poor diet.

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