I know it’s a terrible thing to realize isn’t it, but apart from reaching the age when I hear myself bemoaning the lack of manners in the young (no, really) it is good to have those old natural remedies vindicated.

Grandma has been applauded by the scientists from Kingston University, London who have finally seen what the rest of us have been doing as ‘real’ as opposed to ‘anecdotal’ which scientists seem to hate.  Can’t think why as all it means is that it has worked for people who are prepared to stand up and tell their story about it, and in the case of traditional remedies like herbs there are probably millions of them worldwide.  This is of course not as ‘valid’ as a scientific test with 25 people and paid for by an interested pharmaceutical company – but as usual I digress.

Now in a unique collaboration between the University and Neal’s Yard Remedies there is proof positive that simple ingredients such as white tea, witch hazel and rose could hold the key to treating a wide range of serious medical problems.   As a bonus they will also keep your skin firmer and less wrinkled, but that of course is of no interest to us serious health types whatsoever!

The research suggests a number of naturally-occurring substances may have a role to play in blocking the progression of inflammation in diseases such as cancer, diabetes and arthritis through to neuro-degenerative conditions and cardiovascular and pulmonary problems.  Inflammation is also implicated in premature aging and early death. “Inflammation is a secret killer — helping arrest its development, or being able to stop it happening at all, would clearly be of benefit,” Professor Declan Naughton, from the University’s School of Life Sciences, said. ”

21 plant extracts were tested for evidence of their efficiency in fighting cancer and also in the battle against aging and three came out clear winners.  White tea, witch hazel and rose showed considerable potential, with white tea displaying the most marked results.  If you have been drinking green tea for your health – then switch to white as it seems that just drinking a cup of white tea might well help reduce an your risk of cancer, rheumatoid arthritis or even just age-associated wrinkles according to the good Professor.

So now you now what to ask Santa to leave you under the tree – rose oil and witch hazel for your complexion and a box of white tea to heal and revive your whole system.

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