This poem is inspired by my stay-at-home-mom experience taking care of Marcie, from the time her eczema started at two weeks old till her first birthday. SAHM faces greater stress, being relatively isolated and bearing the full burden of childcare before spouse returns from work. Furthermore, the stress of taking care of a child with eczema and its causes, treatment and triggers are often misunderstood by others.

I need a friend

One who would listen to my struggles

Who is ready with lots of cuddles

Who stand by me through the hurdles

I need a friend

To understand how helpless I am

To know how hopeless I feel

To feel how joyless I become

I need a friend

To tell me everything I’m doing is right

To not second-guess what I’m doing wrong

To say ‘Yes, Your Stress is Real’

I need a friend

If my friend is God, tell me

Why make my baby suffer

Why let her itch and scratch

Why put her through such trials

Amidst it all

I need a friend

To affirm I’m still a good mom



Mei is passionate about helping families with eczema children and her blog,, offers concise posts, eczema cartoons, insightful doctor Q&As to provide parents a light-hearted sanctuary to understand more about childhood eczema. Her baby girl Marcie, who has eczema from two weeks old, has also inspired her to publish a children picture book ‘A to Z Animals are not Scratching!’ that encourages children not to scratch. Mei is active in helping her local community through a support group and an eczema fund to pay for moisturizers for low income children. You can follow Mei on twitter @MarcieMom. Read her blog