Hey  guys 🙂

Good news! My blood tests were all clear, no diabetes!I’m gonna have to go back to the doctor though, just to see what these little ‘annoyances’ are, but other than that I’m good 🙂

My skin has been a little bad lately due to Christmas food (I’m ever so weak when it comes to a Terry’s Chocolate Orange at Christmas!) but I’m veggie-ing it up to make-up for it! I’m not using any steroid creams to make it clear up faster though; I figured it would just be a bad thing in the long run.

But on the diet front, I’ve recently come across a nutritional person called Kimberly Snyder, who has written a book all about food and how it works with your body, & the best vegetables for you, etc. I haven’t actually read the book yet, but I’ve subscribed to her website (all I had to do was put my email address in, link at the end of this post) & it has a bunch of recipes on it and testimonials from celebrities that say how amazing her advice is, it’s really interesting 🙂

I have some advice for you!! When my face is itchy or inflamed & I’m about 2 seconds away from scratching my face apart, I eat a carrot, and I don’t know whether it’s the coolness of the carrot or what, but my face gets so much better so quickly; no itching & the inflammation has gone way down! So I definitely recommend grabbing a carrot or two when you’re about to scratch! Even now I’ve got a few next to me that I keep munching on to stop myself from releasing the claws!

Hope you all have a nice new years eve/new years day 🙂

Bye guys,

Brooke x



Hey, my name is Brooke. Basically, I have this blog so I can talk about eczema. I have suffered with eczema all my life, and when I turned 13 it flared up for no apparent reason, and has remained basically the same. So on here I will hopefully be blogging everyday explaining new things I am using to try and fight eczema, and hopefully I will overcome it. Happy blogging!

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