2012 here we come

4 Jan 2012

Hi everyone

Happy New Year to you all, hope its a healthy one and that the Eczema improves.

Well Christmas has now been and gone, did I really run around the supermarket trying not to forget everything with a trolley laden, only to forget the cream.  I didn’t forget to buy someone a present but the wrapping was my usual signature, i.e. sellotape plastered over the bits where I stuck my finger through the paper.    And like everyone else, I cut down big time as the hard times are hitting us all.

The reindeer have also retired to the farm for a well earned rest and I have hung up the elf’s costume for another year, whilst Santas sleigh gets a coat of shiny red paint.  We went all over the country again this year, so possibly met some of you during this time so I hope you enjoyed the show!.

So how is the Eczema?  Well not too bad over the holiday time, although we had to resort to antibiotics to clear up the secondary infection, one antibiotic for that and another one for the little sister who decided she would join in with a urine infection.   Am still using the Lipikar which I think is pretty good and is not too thick on the skin.  I now need to catch up with GOSH for the routine appointment which is soon due, only problem is trying to make it during the school holidays, which we all want to do which is only fair.

I understand that chickenpox is now doing its rounds, which, when you have Eczema is a total nightmare.  Not only is there a high temperature but the spaces between the chickenpox and the eczema becomes impossible to see, the scratching goes totally out of control and sleep evades us all.  I have been looking at Marcie moms twitter page and she is in the middle of it, so can truly sympathise with her.  I remember when my son had it I was told by GOSH that this could be quite nasty, and it was, so hope it clears soon.

I have been reading some articles on Eczema recently, research still showing that one in five children and one in twelve adults are affected, resulting in a whopping six million people having eczema to some degree in the UK.  I have tried to research what the figures are in other countries but this seems hard to define with figures just being extrapolated (which doesn’t give a true picture – well not to me anyway).  If anyone has information on this I would be interested to know.

Environmental factors play their part too and I find that this time of year with cold weather outside and central heating drying the skin, this plays havoc with us.  We never use soap and water to wash the skin, relying on good old Dermol 500 which we have used forever and trying to seek out detergents which wash the muddy clothes clean without adding anything chemical to the skin.

We did try some time ago to take part in a survey using a water softener but unfortunately because we had to resort to steroids at this time, we were unable to, as it would not have given a true indication of how well it worked.  Has anybody else found that this is a great help?  I believe that it must be, but would like to hear from you if it has worked for you.

As you can guess the football training is about to start again and the team is off to Spain in the Spring to give it their best with one of the top clubs, a great opportunity and one which is being looked on with great excitement.  This will be our first trip abroad as have always been so wary of causing more problems with the heat, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

We have started work on updating the website so hopefully by the next blog this will be completed until then visit us on www.snugglepaws.com.  Have a look at Mei@MarcieMom on Twitter, www.pureandgentleskincare.com and www.skinsmatter.com not forgetting www.nottinghameczemaorg.uk who always are supportive.


Nikki and Chris

Our story started off as the ultimate dream, the joy of a baby boy turning our word upside down, bringing new meaning to each new day. Then, after a routine immunisation, Louis became very distressed and his inflamed skin reacted in a red, itchy rash. From that moment on his skin was never the same. We were told that it was a condition called eczema. With no experience of this skin disorder, and no family history, we asked ourselves "why our baby boy?" As time went on, Louis's itchy skin drove him mad, my husband and I tried to find an eczema relief solution but the stress on us all was exasperating. Whilst it was a difficult time, the result of our search for eczema relief for our child is Snugglepaws. I have developed fun but functional, 100% cotton clothing that has helped to ease the effects of Louis's itchy skin. We hope that our eczema relief solution will bring the same comfort to your child's dry or itchy skin. Whether your child is sleeping, playing or travelling around, Snugglepaws have the perfect clothing to keep them safe and help their skin to heal.

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