When I was a teenager I was one of those unfortunate people who suffered with both acne and eczema. My spots were fairly mild and the eczema was mainly round my mouth. My eczema always flared up with stress and the cold weather. Being a teenager was difficult enough for me without the jibes from other class mates about my not so perfect complexion. This aggravated my eczema and made it worse. I tried as most people with facial skin problems know to cover it all up with layers of foundation so thick that it looked more obvious. My form teacher would always make a point of asking me to take it off and so I did in the toilets to reveal angry spots and red scaly skin that made me feel even worse.

If back in the early eighties I had known about skin camouflage. I would have been able to cover my spots and disguise my eczema in confidence with very little cosmetic cream. This means I would have gone without the embarrassment of being asked to take my makeup off in front of the whole class and being ridiculed by my fellow students. This also made me think that If I had started a stop spots campaign at school how many other people would have got involved to make a positive change both mentally and physically.

The best advice I can give is don’t suffer in silence, there are always other people going through what you are too.

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Kristina Nicholson is the business development manager for Veil Cover Cream. As a teenager she suffered with acne and eczema and so understands the difficulties associated with skin conditions. She is now RCN accredited in skin camouflage and enjoys helping others with skin problems have the confidence to live life to the full.