Interesting question ….

At the weekend I reached a weight loss milestone! I’m under that stone mark which has made me feel great! Still a long way to go but it’s the first time I’ve been under that particular stone mark for about 4 years.

It got me thinking about why I’m managing to lose the weight now, having tried and failed several times over the last 4 years or so. So what’s different this time? Well, I’m not following a specific diet plan, and actually I still haven’t managed to exercise either. But I’ve more or less stopped drinking alcohol and I’m definitely eating more healthily and smaller portions.

But, I’m also blogging – writing about my weight loss journey. So is it the blogging that’s the key? I decided to do some digging around and I found a recent study undertaken at Stanford University in America. The researchers studied 45 female students where 60% of them were classed as obese, and asked half of them to spend 15 minutes each day writing about the things that were important and valuable to them, eg music, relationships and family. They then asked the other half to write about things that actually didn’t matter to them.

After 4 months, each of the women was weighed and the results recorded. The first group of women who had been asked to write about what mattered to them lost an average of 3.4 pounds whereas the group who had been asked to write about what didn’t matter to them actually gained an average of 2.7 pounds each!

Researchers concluded that writing about what makes us happy can act as an appetite suppressant.

Positive shrinking

So there you have it!! I’m writing about my weight, something that matters to me, and it’s having a positive effect on my weight loss.

All you would be dieters out there ….. start blogging for talkhealth and you too could be losing weight!!!!!

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