Well, since I started using a little app on my mobile I’m now able to track my food intake, weight and exercise (if I was doing any!).

The app has all the well known UK brands and all supermarket brands too (I guess there would be a US version on the US app store). And, although I only started using it on Monday, I’ve been tracking and lost half a pound. The app has helped me to focus, be honest with myself and is helping me to plan out what I’m going to eat each day.

Exercise can help with weight loss

All I need to do now is start exercising. Now the mornings are getting lighter earlier I plan to do a quick but brisk walk around the block 3 mornings a week – starting this weekend. And what’s really interesting is that I’ve just read that there is a new budget gym group largely opened so far in London, who are about to open gyms around the country in 2012, with one coming to Basingstoke (my nearest town) in August this year. At under £20 per month and no contract tieing people in, joining up for me, and many others no doubt, will be a no brainer. Roll on August ……

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