On the 22nd March 2012 it was three years since the tragic death of Jade Goody. The Big Brother reality TV star died of cervical cancer at the age of 27 on Mother’s Day 2009, leaving two young sons. Although Jade Goody’s death was undoubtedly tragic, her courage and the publicity around her death brought to light the need for an option for younger girls and women to protect themselves against cervical cancer.

“Almost all cases of cervical cancer are caused by forms of HPV,which stands for Human Papillomavirus. HPV is contracted by sexual contact with someone who has HPV. Cases of HPV are on the rise and cause not only cervical cancer but genital warts, and some mouth and penile cancers. We want to give girls and boys, young men and young women the opportunity to protect themselves, through use of the HPV vaccine.” Dr Fiona Mitford-Slade Southdowns Private Health Care

The NHS started an HPV vaccination programme in September 2008 for all 12-18 year old girls, and all girls born after the 1st September 1990 using Cervarix. The HPV vaccination protects against the cancerous types of HPV and in September 2012 the NHS will switch to the Gardasil vaccination, which provides additional protection against Genital warts.

“Due to NHS budgetary constraints, the NHS cannot offer to vaccinate those girls and women who missed out on the school program. As a result we see more and more families taking control themselves and seeking private HPV testing and vaccination. At Southdowns Private Healthcare we have been providing the Gardasil vaccination, since 2008” Dr Abu Chinwala, and NHS doctor and founder of Southdowns Private Health Care

Last month in Canada the National Advisory Committee on Immunization recommended extending the use of the HPV vaccine in Canada to males aged nine to 26.

“This is an approach that we feel is a positive step to teaching equality of responsibility about protecting yourself from sexually transmitted infections. It shows the importance of awareness in both both boys and girls, men and women.”  Dr Nick Woodruff, an NHS GP who also provides private STI test in Sussex and Hampshire.

Boys can carry and spread the virus and whilst not directly affected by cervical cancer HPV is linked to a range of other health problems including genital warts, penile and mouth cancers.

We provide the vaccine to boys and men as well as girls and women aged between 8 and 26 years of age. Contact us to find out more.



Southdowns Private Health Care

Southdowns Private Health Care was founded in 2008 by 3 NHS doctors, Dr Abu Chinwala, Dr Fiona Mitford Slade and Dr Nick Woodruff. The GPs offer a range of GP led services alongside their NHS work through Southdowns Private Health Care. Southdowns Private Health Care have a mission to combine first rate GP services along with excellent patient care across London, Hampshire and West Sussex. It is used by people who want to discuss concerns about their health and want rapid access to a first class private GPs and consultants at a time that suits them. Appointments are longer than NHS ones with more time available to discuss concerns and options. Southdowns Private Health Care have well appointed consulting rooms are located at 10 Harley Street, London and at 97 Havant Road, Emsworth, Hampshire. If you would like to discuss any health concerns, you can contact them on 01243 388712 and start making time for your health.

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