I read, with surprise and interest, that as people are tightening their belts financially obesity levels have fallen!

A study carried out by researchers at Arizona State University, looking at 350,000 adults across the US, found that the number of dangerously overweight people halved in the three years after the start of the financial crisis in 2007.

The results have baffled the researchers as they had expected the opposite. Other studies in the past have shown that people with less money in their pockets tend to buy cheaper foods that are higher in calories, such as takeaways and ready meals, and it’s these sorts of foods that can pile on the weight.

Overall however, the obesity rates in the UK as in the US have been rising over the past 20 years. Up to a quarter of people in the UK are classed as so overweight that it threatens their health.

So, as a quick update on my weight loss …. overall still only lost 8.5 pounds. But really do need to get a wiggle on as I have a holiday looming in 38 days and need to look better than last year in my swimwear!! So, the plan is to lose a stone in total by then – that’s another 5.5 pounds to go. Will keep you posted.

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