Foods that burn fat is this possible? Scientific research have discovered that people that consume particular foods loose weight compared to those who don’t, even when all other contributing factors remain the same. Sounds too good to be true!

In the opinion of science, lets examine three of the most popular foods that burn fat:


Beans undoubtedly are a favored protein resource with regard to dieters all over. They consist of a balanced blend of protein and carbohydrates. Beans are not easy to break down, therefore it takes your system more time to digest them. This is a great factor, as it holds your blood sugar steady helping to keep you full much longer.

But the real magic of beans lies in their fiber content. Fiber is like a workout for your digestive system. It keeps things running smoothly, and prevents your blood glucose from spiking too high. Plain beans are the best choice. Sugary baked beans or fatty refried beans can sabotage your weight loss efforts by supplying too many calories and simple carbs.

Skimmed Milk

One of the most common proven fatburning foods is calcium. It is verified that calcium, being a metabolism booster causes weightloss. Studies have proven this to be a fact. A test was carried out on two groups. They did everything identical, the only difference was that one of the groups were given additional calcium throughout the day. This group were reported to loose three times as much weight as the other group.

Dairy produce are the favourite choice but you can also find calcium in vegetables such as broccoli. If you do go for dairy then pick products with 2%, 1% or totally fat-free milk. These give you the lots of calcium with a low amount of calories.

Green Tea

For some time now Green tea has been regarded as an essential item for all diets. The strong antioxidants that it contains has a very positive effect on the body reducing potentially cancerous free radicals. It provide a boost to your system by improving your metabolism and heart rate with it’s very small caffeine content, but as it is so minimal it will not put extra stress on your body. Also, for fluid build ups this product is a diuretic which really helps with fluid reduction.

Green tea has also been studied as a fat-burner, and the results have been encouraging. People who drink 4 – 6 cups of green tea per day enjoy faster weight loss than those who don’t drink green tea.

Honorable Mention: Water

Highly placed on any good fat burning food list has to be water even though it contains no nutrition. It overcomes bloating by diluting sodium, helps move retained fluid out of our bodies, encourages healing, and satisfies hunger. Are you also aware that water can maintain your metabolism working at optimum levels?

It’s true: Our kidneys are our primary filtration system. They help pass toxins and waste fluids out of our bodies. But they need plenty of hydration to keep functioning well. When they are deprived of water, the kidneys call on the liver for back-up.

It is not the liver’s best use to work as a secondary filtration system, even though it can perform this task. It excels and was made for converting stored body fat into function engery, when left to do this job the liver is at it’s finest. Having to support the kidneys impairs the functionality of the liver’s main job. This process can be helped along by maintaining a steady daily intake of water.

Make sure you are eating foods that burn fat, for a successful and fast diet regime. Include 64 ounces of clear drinking water every day, and you will definitely be on course for long term successful weightloss.

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