18 Apr 2012

Parkinson’s is a funny old thing. It creeps up on you without you really noticing. Apparently, by the time you realise there’s something up, most of the dopamine producing cells have died or are distinctly doddery. It’s all too late by then. Which is why early detection is so important. Get it early and you can try to slow down the decline.

I’ve been thinking about decline today. I got copies of my doctors’ notes for an Occupational Health review I’m due at work (I will blog on this fun aspect of Young Onset Parkinson’s when I know a bit more) and reading them was quite sobering. They chart my decline really quite admirably. It was a bit upsetting tbh but then again, everyone changes don’t they? I’m just changing in an unusual and frankly radical manner.

It’s the unseen things that get me. I can deal with the shuffle, I can manage the wobble. It’s the impatience, the frustration, the dazed way I sometimes find myself trying to deal with 6 things at a time and failing miserably. Sadly, the inherently female talent of multitasking is one of the skills I can expect to wave goodbye to. No wonder they say it’s mostly men who get Parkinson’s! Multitasking is a bugger to lose when you’ve got two small boys, a house and a job. For which read a normal, working mother’s life. My challenge is to work out how to compensate. So far I’m relying on lists, lots of lists but if anyone’s got any good ideas I’m all ears.

So, I may sound a bit down today and I’m sorry but this blog is about Parkinson’s, warts and all (no, warts are NOT a symptom, hurrah) so you’ll come to understand there are peaks and troughs on this journey. Just to show I can peak too, here’s my entry on the Parkinson’s UK site celebrating Parkinsons Awareness Week, all week. I was feeling far more bullish when I wrote that. Keep that thought, until next time. Link to my story



Shall I introduce myself? My name is Stitch This. Ah, you've guessed already that I've made that up, nobody would have parents that cruel would they? No, I write under a pseudonym so I can feel fairly free and easy about my comments and thoughts. So much more fun when you are invisible I think. I have two small, noisy, sticky boys and a husband who is rapidly turning into a boat-head as a pose to the rabid petrol head he has been ever since we met. Which was when we were 18. I am in my, ahem, early 40's and was diagnosed with Early Onset Parkinson's in January 2008 although the symptoms started Summer 2005. I have an established blog where I record my stitchy attempts and general life ramblings which hitherto has included PD stuff to a certain extent. It was that blog that has brought me here.