Hey guys 🙂
Okay, I know I haven’t posted in a loooong time and, I’ll be honest, I forgot about blogging for a while! I’ve been back and forth to the hospital for check-up appointments in between finishing projects in my photography for college, getting my portfolio ready for an interview for University that I had in Feb & I’m getting ready for another one soon, I’ve started learning to drive and in February I had an operation on my ear to pin it back so I spent time recovering after that but basically the whole time I spent in bed because I was in pain. I know they’re silly excuses but I just haven’t felt like I needed to post until now.
Last time I posted I told you about the new tablets I am on and how me and my mother discovered that it may be allergies that are causing my eczema, however, I can only see my doctor (the one who gave me the tablets, not the horrible useless one I had before that) every 6 weeks, so the time before last that I went to see him I was planning on asking for an allergy test for gluten, wheat and dairy to see if they were the reason for my flare-ups. However, when I got to the hospital – SURPRISE – it was my old doctor! He was filling in for my new one! So of course I couldn’t ask him for an allergy test because he had turned me down for them before. So I had to wait another 6 weeks to see the doctor (last week) and YET AGAIN it was my old doctor! However, I was so fed up of waiting that I practically demanded a test. He said that I needed to have an idea what to test for, so I said gluten, wheat and dairy and he reluctantly put it down on my blood test sheet. HOORAY! So next week I will be having my blood taken, and when I go to see him in 5 weeks I should have the results! So I’m really excited! After all this time I can see if it’s those foods that are hassling me, and if they aren’t, then at least I can rule them out and not spend my time wondering if they are aggravating my skin!

So overall I’m doing well, and the best bit is, THE TABLETS KICKED IN! And trust me it was shocking how quickly my skin cleared up once the tablets started working! Within a few weeks I was better than I’ve been in years! I’m not eczema free, but I’m soooo close! I think my legs are still quite bad, but everything else has dramatically improved! So I’m so thankful that I got a new doctor because without him I would probably still be ridden with eczema really badly. So if your doctor isn’t helping FIND A NEW ONE! Trust me it’s well worth it! It can change your life!
Also, I’m not on the Paleo diet anymore, since I’m on these tablets I thought I might as well eat normally, and it’s been so lovely to not have to think about what I’m eating constantly! But hopefully the allergy tests will guide me into the sort of diet I need, if I turn out to be allergic to something 🙂
Hope everyone is doing well 🙂
Bye guys,
Brooke x



Hey, my name is Brooke. Basically, I have this blog so I can talk about eczema. I have suffered with eczema all my life, and when I turned 13 it flared up for no apparent reason, and has remained basically the same. So on here I will hopefully be blogging everyday explaining new things I am using to try and fight eczema, and hopefully I will overcome it. Happy blogging!

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