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I can’t believe it is so long since I last blogged but after the very, very, bad episode of Eczema some months ago, I sort of lost the will to write about it, which I’m sure you will understand.

So after that last episode, with loads of blood and skin tests completed all coming back with nothing too daunting in them, plus a healthy dose of strong antibiotics and my “hot” line to GOSH things move on.

School is back today so after a very busy holiday break where football was played with the rest of the gang in Spain, where a good time was had by all with many a great goal being scored.  I thought I might have had time for sun bathing but the weather could have been better.

Super Gran played her part by looking after the little sister,  but I’m not sure what she got up to as there were talks of visits to the Zoo, kite flying, rock climbing, crazy golf (which took most of the day, as Super Gran is not very good at that and can’t always find the hole for the golf ball, (she does need her eyes testing which she tries to igmore when mentioned) looking for dinosaurs, story telling and writing practice, her usual exhausting “lets fit more things in today” time so everyone came back together after having a very full holiday.

Now back to reality, and we are teaming up with Mei of MarcieMom fame to try to help boost her Eczema Fund in Singapore.

I looked at some research which gave a figure of around 240,000 young people in Singapore who suffer as we do with this skin complaint but they do not have the advantage of the NHS.  Although I’m told that hospitals and clinics are subsidised by the Government there is no subsidy for the moisturisers that are prescribed.

This got me to thinking well how can parents and carers manage the cost of these, because I know that if I had had to pay for the numbers of tubs, creams and tubes that I have received over the years I wouldn’t like to hazard a guess at the cost.  As I have said before I have often been embarrassed by the size of the prescriptions I have picked up from the chemist.

So talking to Mei who is holding a support group on the 28th April in Singapore so that parents can get together, I suggested that if anyone here in the UK or anywhere else for that matter purchases from us at Snugglepaws if they put there source as Mei or MarcieMom we will donate 10% of that order to her fund, to help low income families get the moisturisers that will help the symptoms of their children.

I have also been busy here in the UK  sending out a load of information to GP surgeries and clinics with the hope that more support will be available to everyone, because I remember when our diagnosis was first made I trawled the internet for information on treatments, causes, natural pathways, allergy testing you name it I looked for it.

I hope that we will have a little respite now from the flare ups but last time I said that it was full on, so be careful what I wish for as they say.  I now have more essays to write, shopping, cleaning all the boring domestic stuff as well as run the business here at www.snugglepaws.com

So it’s bye from me for the time being, I will let you know how Marcie’s fund fares and wish her loads of luck.


Nikki and Chris

Our story started off as the ultimate dream, the joy of a baby boy turning our word upside down, bringing new meaning to each new day. Then, after a routine immunisation, Louis became very distressed and his inflamed skin reacted in a red, itchy rash. From that moment on his skin was never the same. We were told that it was a condition called eczema. With no experience of this skin disorder, and no family history, we asked ourselves "why our baby boy?" As time went on, Louis's itchy skin drove him mad, my husband and I tried to find an eczema relief solution but the stress on us all was exasperating. Whilst it was a difficult time, the result of our search for eczema relief for our child is Snugglepaws. I have developed fun but functional, 100% cotton clothing that has helped to ease the effects of Louis's itchy skin. We hope that our eczema relief solution will bring the same comfort to your child's dry or itchy skin. Whether your child is sleeping, playing or travelling around, Snugglepaws have the perfect clothing to keep them safe and help their skin to heal.

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