15 May 2012

Over the last 2 weeks I have noticed a dramatic increase in back pain patients. This is due to what I call…’Binge Gardening!’ the weather as we all know has been terrible, so all gardening and manual labour outside has been put on hold. The problems that I find as a chiropractor who treats the community is that once we have a sniff of good weather for a few hours, everyone goes out and binges with the digging etc.

Please remember that gardening is a workout that needs warming up for and never forget to warm down!!



Galin graduated with an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Science before deciding to become a chiropractor. She attended Surrey University and completed her Masters degree in 2003. Since her graduation Galin spent 3 years working in the busy Fleet clinic before opening a new clinic in Farnham. Now days she is happily working at both Fleet and Farnham and enjoying the challenges that arise from managing two branches. Galin is very focused in patient education and preventative care. Areas that are of particular interest for her include the treatment of headaches, chiropractic care during pregnancy, the treatment of babies and children and SOT (Sacro-occipital technique). Galin recently completed a course in western acupuncture conducted by the British Medical Acupuncture Council.

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