To mark this years World Asthma Day Asthma UK have published the results, so far from their Triple A: Avoid Asthma Attacks Test.

They said “Thirty six percent of people with asthma are at a high risk of a potentially fatal asthma attack, new data from Asthma UK shows. This is one of many findings from our Triple A: Avoid Asthma Attacks Test, completed by over 30,000 people with asthma in the UK.

Crucially the findings show that people with asthma are considerably underestimating their risk of having an attack. Over half of respondents (55%) did not think they were at increased risk however the results reveal that actually 93% were at increased or highly increased risk. In the UK, asthma kills three people every day, and someone is admitted to hospital with a terrifying and potentially fatal asthma attack every seven minutes, yet spotting and treating early warning signs can prevent asthma attacks and hospital admissions.

The Triple A Test is aimed at people with asthma to help them find out their risk of having an asthma attack and advise them what they can do to reduce it. It asks simple questions about factors which have all been independently linked to an increased or highly increased risk of an asthma attack that could lead to a frightening hospital admission, for example how often respondents use their blue (reliever) inhaler. The test makes clear that everyone’s asthma is different and symptoms can come and go;this does not mean there is no risk of an attack when symptoms are absent.”

Read more about World Asthma Day and the Triple A test at Asthma UK



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