Acne, a distressing complaint largely affecting teens and young adults, has been shown to respond well when treated with seaweed.

A new clinical trial of acne treatments containing seaweed extract has confirmed the healing power of seaweed.

In the trial, 30 young men aged 14 to 21 years with mild acne used seaweed-based skin wash and balm, while the other 30 used products that did not contain the active seaweed ingredient.

Results showed that in those using the products with seaweed as an ingredient the number of spots fell by 64 per cent and blackheads by 60 per cent after just eight weeks.

The findings were the first cosmetics clinical study in acne to be published in the Dermatology journal Clinical and Experimental Dermatology, an official journal of the British Association of Dermatologists.

The cosmetics industry uses the restorative powers of seaweed extract in some of the most expensive brands like Creme de la Mer. But in its purest, natural form, seaweed has been used successfully in the treatment of  eczema, psoriasis and rosacea as well as acne, for many years.

Where can I find it?

Sea-Med Organic Seaweed Skin Therapy is 100% natural organic seaweed, washed free of salt and milled to a fine powder containing 42 trace elements including iodine, magnesium, chromium and copper, significant quantities of iron, potassium, calcium and zinc and Vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D and E together with fucoidan, extracted from brown seaweed to maximise its healing properties.

It is harvested, milled and packed in the Outer Hebrides. It has organic certification from The Soil Association and is a completely natural product without added preservatives, colour, fillers or bleach.

Sea-Med Organic Seaweed Skin Therapy has shown impressive results in the treatment of eczema, psoriasis and acne, claiming a success rate of 98% with users reporting reduced itching, healing of scratched broken skin, disappearance of dry scaly patches and rehydrated new skin within 6-8 weeks.

How is it applied?

You simply sieve the recommended amount of Sea-Med seaweed powder into a lukewarm bath and take a long relaxing soak or you can make a cool paste to treat specific areas.

You should experience immediate results when treating acne and you can download the  instructions for using Sea-Med for acne and also for eczema and psoriasis here.

You’ll also find one of the simplest ways of treating acne with seaweed is to wash or shower daily using Sea-Med™ Pure Seaweed Soap.

Seaweed and wet-wrapping

Sea-Med seaweed can be particularly effective when used in the wet-wrapping treatment of eczema. Make a solution of Sea-Med and warm water in a bowl and dip your bandages or wraps in it to soak them thoroughly. Wring out and apply over your chosen emollient before covering with a dry layer or night clothes.




You can find out more about Sea-Med™ Organic Seaweed Skin Therapy and download instructions for its use on the AllergyBestBuys website. Please click here.



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