I want to clear the air regarding common misconceptions about eczema. Here are 5 common misconceptions that I hear a lot.  Knowing what’s real will help you to heal!

Myth #1: Eczema is a skin disorder: We are so used to categorizing our bodies into sections, systems, and organs as if they function separately.  But our bodies work as a whole and all the systems are very much interconnected. Even though we see the outward effects of eczema on the skin, inwardly, eczema is an immune disorder. Up to 80%  of your immune system is in your digestive tract, so healing the gut is one of the most powerful ways to help reverse eczema.

Myth # 2: Skin creams will keep your skin moisturized: The truth about most skin creams are that they are not very effective or even safe. True healing starts from addressing the real cause of dis-ease instead of treating the symptoms.  My litmus test for safety is simple. If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin. Your skin is the largest organ in your body and anything you put on it gets absorbed directly into your bloodstream. Believe it or not, the best way to moistorize your skin is from the within! A diet with plenty of Omega-3 fats and water is can do just that.

Myth # 3. Steroid creams are necessary and relatively safe: When you don’t have an alternative to traditional medicine, topical steroids can help temporarily. But you have a responsibility and moreover a right to know what the risks are when you do take these medications. Long-term use of steroids can suppress the symptoms  while aggravating and complicating the problem underneath the surface.

Myth # 4:  Food allergies cause eczema: Although food allergies and eczema are related, eczema can actually show up before food allergies have time to develop. That’s exactly what happened with my son. The connection between food allergies and eczema is that they are both symptoms of the same underlying condition- a compromised digestive system. So take your eczema and/or food allergies  as a signal from your body.  Its trying to tell you that your gut needs some help to heal.

Myth # 5. You can heal eczema by taking the right natural remedy: The way  natural healing works is a mystery to most of us. The way I see it, natural remedies and supplements do an amazing job jump starting and boosting the healing process.  But what you eat everyday is going to be the foundation for healing.  Since people with eczema are usually deficient in many minerals and nutrients, getting the right foods are absolutely critical.  Whole, healthy foods are jam packed with enzymes,  anti-oxidents, micronutrients, phyto-chemicals (many of which the scientific community is yet to discover).  Moreover,  they are introduced in precisely  the concentrations your body needs. No quick-fix remedy can’t compete with that!

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Hi, I’m Meimuna. I am a holistic health coach specializing in eczema. I created this blog- community as a resource of inspiration, information, and support to those interested in treating their eczema naturally. I help my clients heal through bite-size dietary and lifestyle changes. I find that approaching healing slowly is not only practical but produces real and lasting results. I was inspired to enter this field after years of dealing with my own son's eczema. To learn more about my story, my training, and how I can be of support to you, come visit me at www.abouteczema.org.

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