Ok so I wanted to take a few quick moments to share with you the secret to how you can share your gluten-consuming family’s toaster without fear of contamination!

Toasters are usually a hazardous looking object for coeliac disease sufferers.

With harmful crumbs all over the place, it if often a coeliac’s worst nightmare to try and create “safe” toast.

I have spent many hours laboriously grilling my bread, and even considered buying my own specific toaster.

However, living between my house, my boyfriend’s house, and my student house – this would not have been fun to lug around with me!

Toaster bags are a great way to make gluten free toast, without the hassle of carrying round your own toaster!

The best way to gluten free toast!

Available at many online and superstores, these handy bags (I got mine from Wilkinsons!) are great for creating perfect toast.

Just literally pop the bread in the bag, and then toast as usual!

I was worried the bread would go soggy or toast funny, but it was as if I was toasting it as normal!

You can reuse these bags many times, (I’ve had mine for months!) and even fill them with sandwiches to toast in one go!

So for any of you that have been struggling with the contamination issues of toaster, grab yourself a toaster bag and try it!

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Sarah Howells was diagnosed with coeliac disease, and simultaneously an overactive thyroid, around ten years ago. She started The Gluten Free Blogger (www.theglutenfreeblogger.com) to share her experience of living with coeliac disease, and since she had her thyroid removed in December 2010, has also been blogging about that too. If anyone needs any advice on coping with coeliac disease or what to expect post-thyroidectomy, she’s your girl!

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