Last month it was reported in The Guardian that

“Widespread failings in NHS care for the growing number of diabetics lead to 24,000 unnecessary deaths each year and many others suffering complications such as blindness and amputation, a damning report by the government’s spending watchdog reveals.

Treatment of diabetics in England is so inadequate that barely half of the 3.1 million people with the condition receive the regular NHS checks intended to keep them as healthy as possible, the National Audit Office (NAO) found.

Every diabetic is meant to undergo nine care processes each year, such as having blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol levels measured, eyes examined for damage to the retina, and the skin, circulation and nerve supply of feet checked, to reduce the risk of complications.”

This is naturally a great concern for people with diabetes and their family.  If you are concerned that you are not receiving adequate care for your diabetes or are being denied essential health checks visit our online clinic on diabetes and get advice from one of our experts on what you are entitled to and what you should do to ensure you get it.

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To read the full article in The Guardian click here



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