Quick update … I’ve now lost 9lbs – it might have taken me 6 months so far, but I’m not ‘dieting’ as such, just continuing to make sensible food choices and watching my portion sizes. And, slow as it is, it seems to be working.

I go on holiday in 10 days and will fail to reach my target of losing a stone by the time I go away. I think, with a lot of hard work, I could lose a couple more pounds, but I’m not going to beat myself up about it because I HAVE LOST WEIGHT and that’s a good thing. It’s been a bit up and down along the way – I’ve lost a bit, gained a bit, lost a bit. But progress is in the right direction.

I may well have said this before, but I have problems with my knees. The pain, and clicking whenever I walk up stairs, started to get worse when I started Zumba. I loved my Zumba and when my GP told me I had to give up any sort of impact exercise I was gutted. We have osteoarthritis in our family, as does my GP, and one of the ways to ease the pain of this condition in the short to medium term is by being lighter – losing weight puts less strain on knee joints. So my GP and I (a woman who is tha same age as me – late 40’s) have a pact. We are both going to work hard at losing weight because of our osteoarthritis, and we are going to carry out exercise that is kind to our knees. We have a telephone appointment set for late July to assess our progress. My GP suggested either swimming, cycling or the gym. I don’t fancy cycling at all, and swimming is ok but I’ve recently had a problem with may hair which turned green after repeated highlighting, and I really don’t want to face a chlorine attack. So, I’m looking into gyms at the moment – gyms with a pool so I have the option to swim if I want (wearing an attractive swimming cap of course).

Swimming, cycling or the gym but NO Zumba!

It’s hard losing weight, especially if you like your food as I do. But I am getting there, making small changes over time to make a bigger difference. And I’m feeling better as my clothes are getting looser.

I will try to do a blog before I go away …. wish me luck in losing a couple of pounds more!



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