When the summer months arrive everyone wants to go for a walk or a jog, but the thought of a heat rash turns people off. You should not fear because heat rash can be easily treated.

Summertime can either be a blessing or a huge nuisance for eczema sufferers. Heat rash, or prickly heat is a major cause of eczema flare ups during the summer and can be easily controlled without making a appointment with your local GP. Human sweat has a very high salt content and is a potent skin irritant, which may cause a skin rash.

  • Apply a packet of frozen peas or cool packs over the affected areas for two minutes.
  • Drink water to control overall hydration and body temperature.
  • Wear cotton clothing to allow heat to be released and avoid clothing that traps sweat.
  • You can apply Calamine lotion or Eurax lotion. Make sure you wash the lotion off with cold water, after a few minutes of applying the lotion.
  • Try applying a dry powder to your skin to absorb the sweat. You can use Corn Starch or Unperfumed Talcum Powder should be sufficient.
  • Wear loose clothing to allow your skin space.
  • Wash the sweat areas of your body every morning. The Sweat areas are under the armpits, under breasts, genitals, bottom, and feet.
  • When your forehead begins to sweat, make sure you pat the forehead dry immediately with your cotton shirt.
  • Try to stay in the shade when sunlight is at its peak.
  • You can use an antihistamine like Piriton or Claritan to stop the irritation for the short term. If you take Piriton make sure you take this just before you go to bed because Piriton will make you feel drowsy.

You don’t need to do anything extreme to treat heat rash, and you can still do the activities you enjoy without fearing any horrific flare ups. If you do have an unfortunate flare up, it can be easily treated.



I have always had hyper-sensitive skin, particularly on my face, resulting in areas of itchy, dry eczema which now has been diagnosed as Rosacea along with the eczema. Also a close family member was diagnosed with a Maligant Melanoma skin cancer in 2007 forcing the whole family to become more aware of the effects the sun can have on our skin and how chemotherapy and other cancer treatments has such an effect on your skin too. I have subsequently spent time investigating the sun screen market to not only provide the right protection, but won’t cause skin irritation along with moisturisers and other products for after and during cancer treatment. I am not a medic; I am a mum with many years’ experience of having to deal with skin problems and www.pureandgentle.com was started because of this to find non- irritant products, research and information all in one place. I have found small tricks that can help along the way which I can share with you and hopefully relieve some of your problems with your skin.

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