A tough few days with itchy skin for MyItchyBoy at the moment.  A bit of a runny nose and chesty cough and he’s flared up quickly in about 24 hours.  It doesn’t help that he had one night with a bit of a temperature, which tends to bring up a heat rash on top of the eczema.

In other news, the RAST blood test results we got back last week were not particularly conclusive.  I am expecting an appointment to come through soon so we can go and discuss them with the allergy consultant.

I was interested to see that egg came back negative.  His skin always flared up after eating it and the scratch test on his skin over a year ago came back as positive.

It is encouraging though and we might have a go at introducing egg again.  To start with, inside a baked cake I think, to take it slow.  First have to wait out the current flare-up before trying anything so we can get a clear picture of any reaction.

The fish reaction was not confirmed by the tests and for some reason the most important one: dairy, was completely missed off.



My son has atopic eczema and he reacts badly to dairy, soya and we are slowly working towards him eating eggs again. He's had a mild anaphylactic reaction to peanuts and has regular flare-ups to random things that we rarely manage to pinpoint. I started the blog to share my experiences and frustrations of having an itchy boy.

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