I love all the feedback I receive on my blog. We are family members and just like family we can disagree with one another. Last week, I received a response to a previous blog post about how this responder is tired of the “collective Endo and GP bashing” from thyroid autoimmune sufferers and that we all must learn how to deal with our autoimmune disease.

First I want to say, to whoever sent their anonymous opinion….“honey, you are preaching to the choir!” This subject matter is what my (soon to be released) book is all about. In the book, I have dedicated over a year to outlining the many alternate ways (without help from doctors) that I have coped with this disease… Simply put, we cannot solely rely on MD’s for our health! Only a very small percentage of our life is spent in a healthcare practitioner’s office, after that, it is up to us to handle our business. In fairness to health care practitioners, we shouldn’t expect them to know everything…


Having said this, I will not (as a thyroid advocate) stop placing some of the ownness on the medical community. It should not take multiple years to receive a diagnosis (which is commonplace for the average autoimmunee). MD’s who specialize in endocrinology, should authoritatively know the symptoms related to thyroid disease, and make every effort to address each of them. Most don’t do this. If an MD doesn’t know…then ADMIT IT! Don’t be condescending, by telling them it is “just stress” or “all in your head”, basically just brushing off patients.

The dictionary’s definition of a doctor: A person trained in the healing arts.

Crazy Thyroid Lady’s definition: The script-giver.

Tee hee…that is harsh, just kidding…sort of.

As a thyroid advocate, I do want to encourage you to play a bigger role in your health. One way to do this is by getting your own blood work done. Blood work, you feel is necessary, yet your MD will not authorize… We should all have our hormone, vitamin, mineral and other levels tested on a regular basis as our thyroid deficient bodies don’t always want to function the way it should.

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Carol Gray is a former model, published writer, blogger and thyroid advocate. She has a B.S. in marketing and business administration. Carol was diagnosed with an autoimmune thyroid disease in 2006 that almost incapacitated her, since then she has been fighting her way back to wellness. Carol hopes to soon release her first book Wow Your Mom Really is Crazy about her struggles and triumphs over thyroid disease.

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