Although the New Maudsley Approach website is not quite finished, it seems to be helping some of those picky folks on the forum so I thought I would do a bit of promotion on my blog.

Thank you to Pam MacDonald, for her sterling work, alongside all the other Maudsley Carers who devote time and energy for no financial reward to help other parents of children with eating disorders.  A really big shout out to Professor Treasure and Gill Todd for their endless work and devotion and the whole EDU team at the Institute of Psychiatrists.

I am going to reproduce the welcoming paragraph so there is no confusion.  This method is an ADJUNCT approach for families and carers, not a treatment protocol by itself.

The purpose of this website is to give parents and carers of people with eating disorders a “toolkit” to help educate, empower and equip them to deal with the stressful caring role. The New Maudsley model is aimed at families of all sufferers. It is an additional treatment protocol, intended to reduce stress and empower carers by equipping them with a similar skill set to that encountered in an inpatient setting. The New Maudsley model is intended to be used as an adjunct to treatment, as opposed to a treatment in its own right.



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