So, my eczema seems to be on a yo-yo at the moment, but not enough to give me respite for more than a day or so. To be honest, I’ve never known it to be so persistent, but I think a few things are contributing to this:

1) Call me mad, but I think the weather has something to do with it. I’m not entirely sure what, exactly, but it’s my crackpot idea and I’m sticking with it!

2) Because it’s the summer holidays, my routine has gone to pot. Late nights, lack of sleep, odd hours all mean that my body isn’t quite getting the rest it needs. Cue lots of blotchy, sore skin.

3) I’ve been sent some organic skincare products to review on my main blog- my skin is slightly freaking out about the change (I’m a cold cream kind of girl, which I find actually really helps my eczema keep calm. Also, it kind of makes me feel like Bette Davis. Win/win in my book!)

4) Stress- I think this is the biggie. We’re moving house in a couple of weeks and, although I’m excited, I also really hate moving. But it’s going to be great; we’re moving into a little house (from a flat with multiple problems…) and I can see us being happy there!

5) Hormones. I can’t do anything about them until the baby (who is known as Fidget!) arrives. Will just have to grin and bear it for the next few weeks.

What triggers your eczema? Any tips?



I'm a writer and teacher, expecting my first baby this autumn. I've suffered with eczema for almost all my life. I live by the sea with my husband and I blog over at, where I write about all sorts of things, but especially how I balance my make up obsession with my eczema! I'm also a bit of a chatterbox and you can find me on Twitter as @wuthering_alice.

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