A quiet few weeks

15 Sep 2012

So, I’ve not really had anything to blog about, eczema-wise, for a few weeks. I’ve been trying out various skincare products over on my main blog and not even those have really interfered with my skin. In fact, I even had whole weeks where my eyelids looked and felt normal! Obviously, I don’t take it for granted and it does come back, but hey-ho, you take what you can get!

Fast forward to going back to work last week (as I’m a teacher, I’ve had a few weeks off). The skin on my eyelids turns angry and not even my steady hand can disguise it. Work has been rather stressful and so this affects my skin. The stress also affects my sleep, which again affects my skin. It’s a situation I can’t win.

I do think that I’m quite lucky in that food doesn’t seem to affect my eczema; it’s always been about stress, rather than allergies. I’m really hoping that the baby, when he comes (not long now!) hasn’t inherited my dodgy gene. But if he has, we’ll deal with it. It’s fairly straightforward to manage my own eczema, I’m sure we will adapt if we have to.

I often find that the best way for me to deal with my eczema is to joke about it. I mostly write about beauty on my blog and joke that having eczema round my eyes is a punishment for being heavy handed with eyeliner- in fact, the doctor has told me it’s just a hormone thing. I’m not worried that it’ll be a problem after the birth, as it’s something I’ve had all my life. It’ll move to another part of my body, flare up when I’m stressed/tired and then go away again. I’ll just make sure I’m prepared!



I'm a writer and teacher, expecting my first baby this autumn. I've suffered with eczema for almost all my life. I live by the sea with my husband and I blog over at www.stephaniepomfrett.co.uk, where I write about all sorts of things, but especially how I balance my make up obsession with my eczema! I'm also a bit of a chatterbox and you can find me on Twitter as @wuthering_alice.

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