3 Sep 2012

I call myself the

Crazy Thyroid Lady

because my mother instilled in me the ability to turn the tables on those who bully me. “Don’t let them see they are getting to you”, she would say.

As my disease evolved, I will admit, I wasn’t myself…and thats when the “adult” bullying began.

My family called me crazy, friends looked at me like I was bonkers, co-workers treated me like I was nuts, and doctors…well…doctors did all the above. Except doctors don’t come right out and use the word “crazy”. They say words like “stressed” or “aging”.

For example:

Doctor 1– “This is the fifth time, you’ve been in my office complaining of brain fog, headaches, joint pain and muscle weakness…are you sure you aren’t “stressed?”

Doctor 2– “You are telling me you’ve gained 30 pounds in two months? Hmmmm…Well, that’s what happens when you get older.”


My thyroid already does a great job of trying to drive me crazy, I don’t need help from my outside circle of cohorts.

So, I fought back! How? Well…by…going CRAZY! That’s right. In order for me to deal with those around me, who do not in any way, understand invisible illnesses, I’ve had to turn into the crazy thyroid lady. Now,at every opportunity, I must:

Conserve – My energy

Relax and Restore– Try not to blow a gasket or overreact (take deep breathes)




You (myself)

(I talk more about this concept in my upcoming book Wow Your Mom Really is Crazy)

Labor Day is approaching, so what a great opportunity to remind my sweet thyroidians who try to continue to labor as much, (perhaps more than you did before your illness)…slow down my friends! End those days of being that perpetual multi-tasker, the modern superman, everything to everyone. STOP! Conserve, Relax, Restore, single task, take breaks, breath, laugh – Go Crazy!!!

Crazy Thyroid Lady.




Carol Gray is a former model, published writer, blogger and thyroid advocate. She has a B.S. in marketing and business administration. Carol was diagnosed with an autoimmune thyroid disease in 2006 that almost incapacitated her, since then she has been fighting her way back to wellness. Carol hopes to soon release her first book Wow Your Mom Really is Crazy about her struggles and triumphs over thyroid disease.

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