Although I really am not one for statistics I  knew at some point I would need to blog the current dementia stats if only to help myself revisit the frequency at which this disease touches people lives and how this will increase in the future.

As our NHS and Social care system changes and morphs into a different delivery of care it is important for all of us who care (in whatever capacity) for people with dementia to do all we can to shape a system which focuses on quality outcomes for the individual. At the same time this system will need to  attend to the statistical need and economic pressure of care delivery.

The figures are thought provoking but one of the saddest for me is the last that only 43% of people with dementia have a diagnosis. Until ‘the diagnosis is made well and broken well’ (where individuals wish to know early) the individual and their family is denied the opportunity to access services and plan their coping strategies. The person is not enabled and all too often time is lost which is vital in the individual persons long term whole person well being. The statistics below are stark and definied, the challenge for us the care givers as we provide care  to  individual people is to understand our residents individual needs as this  is vital in a whole person well being approach.

· there are currently 800,000 people with dementia in the UK.

· there are over 17,000 younger people with dementia in the UK.

· there are over 11,500 people with dementia from black and minority ethnic groups in the UK.

· there will be over a million people with dementia by 2021.

· Two thirds of people with dementia are women.

· the proportion of people with dementia doubles for every 5 year age group.

· One third of people over 95 have dementia.

· 60,000 deaths a year are directly attributable to dementia.

· delaying the onset of dementia by 5 years would reduce deaths directly attributable to dementia by 30,000 a year.

· the financial cost of dementia to the UK will be over £23 billion in 2012.

· there are 670,000 carers of people with dementia in the UK

· Family carers of people with dementia save the UK over £8 billion a year.

· 64% of people living in care homes have a form of dementia.

· Two thirds of people with dementia live in the community while one third live in a care home.

· only 43 % of people have diagnosis


Anne - Avante Partnership

Hello, my name is Anne Child and I am Head Of Pharmaceutical Care and Clinical Standards Established at the Avante Parthership. Establised in 1990, the Avante Partnership (including Avante Care and Support, Avante Community Support and Stepahead Support) is a charitable company and one of the largest social care providers in the South East. Through our residential care homes for older people, domiciliary care services for older people and people with a physical or learning disability and our community based services for young people and families, Avante supports more than 3000 people a year. Our team of well trained staff and volunteers exceeds 1500 people, with the quality of our services assured by Investor in People and ISO9001 accreditations. Our finances are strong with assets of some £27million, together with an ongoing development programme in new services and care homes of £15million over the next 3 years.

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