Hello my name is Jen and welcome to my 1st blog on talkhealth.

I have been eating gluten free foods for the last 4 years after being diagnosed as having gluten sensitivity. I have to say eating out used to mean salads or jacket potatoes, and asking the waiter lots of questions about sauces and condiment ingredients (Remember it is better to be safe and enjoy the meal you are paying for!)

When my friends used to announce we are eating out, my first thought was, oh no what can I eat? I have learnt to always check on the restaurant or café website prior to going to view their gluten free options! If I am struggling to find options I suggest a similar gluten free restaurant to my friends. Luckily they are always happy to change!

Over the last year I have found eating out a lot better as restaurants are offering gluten free options or have a dedicated gluten free menu. Yeah! Working for the gluten free healthcare brand Glutafin I get to speak to a lot of coeliacs who tell me about new restaurants in their area.

I live in Manchester and this year I have seen chains such as La Tasca, Las Iguanas and Carluccio’s either improve their gluten free range or start serving gluten free food.

Glutafin have a gluten free restaurant finder, where you simply add your postcode and a list of nearby restaurants with gluten free options will appear. I know the Glutafin care line phone each restaurant and also work with Coeliac UK to ensure the restaurant or cafe understand about cross contamination and are not just saying they are gluten free because they offer natural gluten free food.

November and December seems to be the time for catching up with friends and family and usually involves a few Christmas Parties (enjoy them!). Well why not suggest eating at one of the gluten free chain restaurants then you can also enjoy tasty food or have a look on the Glutafin restaurant finder and see if there is any restaurant everyone will enjoy! If you know of any gluten free restaurants not on the list let me know in the comment box below or suggest a restaurant on the gluten free restaurant finder page!

Let’s hope that very soon most restaurants will offer gluten free menus!


Jen @ Glutafin

Hello my name is Jen. I was diagnosed as being gluten sensitive in December 2007, but it was quite a journey getting to that diagnosis, one that took over a year and even involved me crying in the doctor’s surgery! (Oh gosh I could feel so ashamed but now my symptoms have disappeared it was worth it!) Since then I have been following a strict gluten free diet. I admit I had problems at first and kept eating gluten by mistake (and unfortuently still can when I am out!) I also work for Glutafin, a gluten free brand avaliable for those diagnosed with coeliac disease, and since working there I have had access to the latest news and important advice on coeliac disease and gluten sensitivity. I am constantly sharing what I learn through the Glutafin website and in my own blog. I am very happy to also be sharing any new advice, news and experiences here too! I hope anyone who is coeliac or is following a gluten free diet will find my blogs useful! Please do interact with me using the comment boxes on the bottom of the pages, as I’m always pleased to hear your tips and have a chat!

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