I know we are more used to the traditional chocolate feast for the first 24 days of December, but in the interests of our health – and waistlines – I thought you might like to try something different this year.

This is a lovely idea, a free advent countdown where instead of opening the door to a calorific treat (save yourself for Christmas Day!) you get a different yoga pose every day. Some you may know, others not, but it is worth a try to get a little bit more limber before Christmas. Apart from anything else the health benefits of yoga extend beyond being able to get up gracefully from the floor, without levering yourself on a piece of furniture or your nearest and dearest.

There is no doubt that December is a stressful time for many there as is so much to organise and done. One friend has written 120 cards to far flung friends and family and is till reeling from the shock of the postage alone – never mind the cards. Then there is the choosing of the presents to say nothing of the food.  If you are still deciding how to deal with your daughter’s boyfriends’s conversion to veganism just persuade him that raw food is right on trend, then you can give him a nice salad.

You end up worried about whether there is enough time, enough mince pies, enough tinsel and wrapping – and currently enough money in these straitened times to pay for it all.  So what has this to do with a free advent calendar? Because yoga is proven to relieve stress, put you into a calm frame of my mind and boost your immune system. Plus while you are doing it there is nothing else you can do – it is genuinely impossible to write a list while doing the plough – but maybe that is just me!

If you feel you would like to take a few moments just for you then head to this website and download a piece of christmas calm now from here. http://www.scribd.com/doc/114301745/Christmas-Yoga-Advent-Calendar-25-Days-of-Strength-Stretch-and-Happiness



AnnA Rushton is an experienced author and speaker on health, personal development and creativity. With a background in television, theatre and advertising she is a natural communicator with a particular interest in womens health and holistic medicine. Her books include 'Natural Progesterone', How to Cope Successfully With Stress', 'Tips For Hot Flushes', 'Dealing With Procrastination' and 'How To Write Your Life Story' all of which are available at http://www.creativecatalyst.co.uk

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