Life beyond the big front door.
This Blog is about dementia strategies in real terms.

I was lucky enough today to listen to our community engagement officer talk so eloquently about life beyond the front door and the need for us to bring the world of the outside into residential care.

Then the environment experienced by those in residential care, who may for various reasons be unable to access the outside world, will still be one where there is a chance to experience the everyday connections we take for granted, and  so often need to promote  general health and well being. The social connection between generations is one we might miss as fundamental to well being for both. I was fascinated to listen to  his first hand experience. He  has seen first hand the benefit of mixing the generations,both parties benefit and like everything in life it is all about achieving balance.

When we deliver care ensuring that we make time for the recipient not only to take part  but be at the centre of the whole process  in any way they can  we empower residents. In  applying the concept of doing with rather than doing to we change the dynamics. Here the carer or volunteer often feels assured they are meeting the recipients needs and the recipient by being part of the whole process ensures a task transforms into a joint decision which adds value for both parties.
Listening to my colleague discussing so eloquently community engagement I considered the concept of mutual gain and same but different. As we all constantly listen to reporting in the media that criticises our care system and what it offers the most vulnerable in our society I for one was inspired to think that many people are striving not only to help residents’ experience life beyond our front doors but are committed to opening it and inviting life in over the threshold for those who cannot access it in any other way.


Anne - Avante Partnership

Hello, my name is Anne Child and I am Head Of Pharmaceutical Care and Clinical Standards Established at the Avante Parthership. Establised in 1990, the Avante Partnership (including Avante Care and Support, Avante Community Support and Stepahead Support) is a charitable company and one of the largest social care providers in the South East. Through our residential care homes for older people, domiciliary care services for older people and people with a physical or learning disability and our community based services for young people and families, Avante supports more than 3000 people a year. Our team of well trained staff and volunteers exceeds 1500 people, with the quality of our services assured by Investor in People and ISO9001 accreditations. Our finances are strong with assets of some £27million, together with an ongoing development programme in new services and care homes of £15million over the next 3 years.

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