Struggling to lose weight after Christmas – trying yet another new diet? Well fear not because an intrepid engineer may have the answer.  It is the first digital fork to help users “eat slowly for better health” and will be presented at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, by inventor Jacques Lepine, president of the Slow Control company.

You have to love inventors don’t yoo?  What I want to know is why he hasn’t credited my grandmother who clearly had grasped this principle long ago with the instruction to chew every mouthful 20 times – it also helped when you didn’t have a lot of food to start with as it made it go further.

So in the interest of 21st century health – ie marketing – let me tell you that it is the first digital fork with an electronic feedback loop that helps users control their eating speed.

 Apparently this is aimed at the growing “quantified self” market (whatever that is), and Hapilabs will also provide consumers with a web and mobile environment and nutrition coaching.  It gives me a wonderful mental image of a poor soul sitting over their plate while their fork slowly rotates and an army of ‘experts’ is bombarding with information online – not very conducive to a peaceful meal.

Ready for more? The digital fork sends an immediate vibrating signal to the user that the speed limit has been surpassed – bit like your car informing you have have gone over the speed limit, and don’t you just love that?  The second step occurs after the meal. The Slow Control fork provides a feedback mechanism by generating a visual representation of the recorded behavior. A spoon handle is also included in the Slow Control package.  Imagine that, a spoon with a handle – revolutionary.

Honestly you couldn’t make it up could you, but Jacques Lepine, French engineer and inventor, developed the technology fin response to his own desire to combat frequent indigestion by slowing down his food intake at mealtime.  Didn’t anyone tell him to just chew more?  Keep your eye out for it soon in stores, or online,  but you could also just follow Grandma and keep chewing each mouthful – it also makes for much better digestion!




AnnA Rushton is an experienced author and speaker on health, personal development and creativity. With a background in television, theatre and advertising she is a natural communicator with a particular interest in womens health and holistic medicine. Her books include 'Natural Progesterone', How to Cope Successfully With Stress', 'Tips For Hot Flushes', 'Dealing With Procrastination' and 'How To Write Your Life Story' all of which are available at

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