Happy New Year.

Well I’m 10 weeks away from the half marathon …. yikes! And so far the furthest I’ve run is 3.6 miles so I have a a lot to do in a very short time-frame. I only went back to running last week having damaged my Achilles tendon just before Christmas which meant I had to spend almost 3 weeks limping, ice-packing and resting which was all very frustrating. But, with some caution I’m back to running, mainly concentrating on building up the distance and not worrying too much about the speed.

Like most friends and family I’ve spoken to since Christmas, I did indulge a little but only gained around 2lbs so I was fairly relieved. However now it’s all about exercise and sensible eating – I’ve cut down quite a bit on the carbs, and also on portion size and I’m trying to eat more fish. Ideally I’d like to be 7lbs lighter by 17 March which is when I run my half marathon. I’m sure that running with 3 bags of sugar less (which is roughly the equivalent of 7lbs) the run will be easier on my legs and my knees!

New year weight loss and exercise

Healthy eating & exercise for 2013

For all of you trying to sort out weight issues and exercise regimes, you might be keen to know that we have an online clinic on weight which is now open! Our panel of medical experts will be on hand from 17-23 January 2013 to answer all sorts of questions about weight issues. Why not drop in and ask them your questions. Registration is completely free – follow this link to register and become a talkhealth member today.

Will keep you updated on the running and the weight loss …. good luck to anyone out there also trying to be fitter and lighter, and perhaps I’ll see you in the weight clinic.



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